Prepare your property for water damage restoration in the Van Buren & Findlay, OH area

Stop Water Damage in Its Tracks

Is water spreading through your home? Whether it's coming from a burst pipe or a break in your roof during a storm, Buckeye Elite Property Services can address the problem. You can call us for water damage cleanup services in Van Buren, Findlay, OH or any surrounding area.

Our team will:

  • Remove excess water from your building
  • Treat your building with an anti-mold and -mildew spray
  • Address any mold or mildew already growing

We'll also communicate with you throughout the water damage cleanup to ensure that we're on the same page. To consult a professional about the water on your property, call 419-306-5487 now.

What can you do after we remove water from your property?

If your property has flood damage, you can rely on us for water damage restoration services. We can also provide mold inspection and remediation services, if prior moisture causes mold growth. Reach out to us today to discuss whether you need mold remediation or water damage restoration services. You can also get a free estimate.

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